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Energy Consulting Inc. integrates managing and technical innovations to provide environmental consulting services for energy companies. Our staff can help with environmental and climate change issues;

  • Consulting for management and specialists on Environmental Protection regulations of Republic of Kazakhstan, Conducting analysis of regulations changes.
  • Development and deployment of ecological management system, according to the ISO 14001 standard (development of Environmental Protection policy, procedures, identification of ecological aspects, development of control measures of ecological aspects, etc.);
  • Development, deployment and regular updating of electronic registers of requirements for environmental protection according to an ecological policy of a company; analysis of compliance of activities to the established the national and international legislation requirements;
  • Development of waste management strategy and programs;
  • Consulting on GHG Certificates and additional quota obtaining in Kazakhstan;
  • Consulting on GHG Inventory and Verification\validation of GHG documentation;
  • Consulting on legislation requirements for GHG management;
  • Consulting on Energy Efficiency and Energy Audit policy;
  • Expert revision of new draft environmental regulations;




  • Development of Regulatory and Environmental Compliance Plans. Projects management in terms of planning, preparation and implementation of approvals, coordination with other working operations;
  • Approvals of Technical documentations with State Authorities.
  • Regulatory support during a drilling operation: starting from a well location and all way to the development of Well File;