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Wherever you do business, Energy Consulting Inc. (ECI) can provide you with reliable representation in Kazakhstan. As your Registered Agent, ECI will help you manage your compliance, governance and legal support demands. We provide the following services in Kazakhstan:


Business registration

  • Opening business in Kazakhstan
  • Registration of company (branch/representation/office) in the territory of Kazakhstan
  • Representation of foreign companies’ interests in Kazakhstan
  • Legalization of corporate documents
  • Obtaining certificates
  • Registration of transactions of purchase/sale of shares and action
  • Granting the legal address

Banks and accountings

  • Granting the professional accountant.
  • Selection of financial credit institution.
  • Opening of bank accounts.
  • Entering into initial account books of the company of all income and expenses, monthly charges, and other data necessary for financial control of activity of the company.
  • Tracking of receipt of percent on accounts and dividends.
  • Maintaining all account books, balance and working documentation.
  • Other accounting services - necessarily.

Representative services

  • Granting office with equipment and staff/experts.
  • Preparation of contracts and other necessary documents through lawyers of the company.
  • Organization of business meetings at the request of the customer.
  • Negotiation for and on behalf of the customer with the customer's clients
  • Preparation of letters and other official documents.
  • Translation service.
  • Preparation of advertising materials of the company on Kazakh/Russian/English languages.
  • Provide office supplies: purchase of stationery and other goods for office needs.

Marketing and sales

  • Carrying out deep marketing research for your product in Kazakhstan.
  • Fast and high-quality introduction of your product in the Kazakhstan market and its standardization.
  • Participation in exhibitions, workshops and seminars.
  • Expansion of a network of sales of your product in Kazakhstan.

Other services

  • Rent of office rooms, manufacturing spaces and warehouses.
  • Purchase of the necessary equipment and furniture for office.
  • Installation of telephone and network lines.
  • Creation and support of representative office in the Internet.